Monday, December 15, 2014

Racton Man - Tall Beaker, Big Dagger


  1. So, was he a warrior. What was his cultural affiliation.

    1. I read in another article it appears he was killed in combat or at least had some kind of laceration on one of his arms. I'll double check that

      Cultural affiliation depends on how it's defined. He could have had food vessel since beaker wasn't mentioned. I don't consider food vessels a cultural break so it would matter that much to me anyway.

    2. OK, in a moment of genius I realized this article talks about the arm injuries.

      Also, the context makes it seem that Stuart Needham is suggesting that this is the earliest bronze object in Britian. I'm pretty sure S.N. didn't say that. It may be the way the abstract is worded.

  2. Definitely the earliest radiocarbon dated bronze in Britain. The Chichester Museum (The Novium) website has useful details.