Thursday, May 21, 2015

Photos from Stadtmuseum Ingolstadt (Exhibition)

Here's some nice case photos from the Ingolstadt Museum by Kurt Scheuerer. 

I've decided to start blogging on museum exhibitions featuring Bell Beaker Culture artifacts from around Europe.  Most are in small local museums so it might be helpful to have a reference if you live in Europe or plan on traveling. 

Fotos: Kurt Scheuerer

Here you see some of the Central European boar's tusk handiwork in Beaker Room #2.

Fotos: Kurt Scheuerer

Fotos: Kurt Scheuerer

Fotos: Kurt Scheuerer

Ingolstadt Museum


  1. Beautiful artifacts from the Bell Beakers! Sure wish there was Corded Ware Blogger over in Europe pointing all the CWC artifacts in museums.

    1. Maybe that's you! Brush up on your German and Russian