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Jan Turek

Jan Turek - The Bell Beaker Phenomenon, its Echoes and Traditions in Europe and Beyond from Maison Archéologie & Ethnologie on Vimeo.

Stuart Needham

Lecture 1 - Funerary conundrums from Archeoten. on Vimeo.

Lecture 2 - Competing ethea of seniority from Archeoten. on Vimeo.

Lecture 3 - Blunt instruments of power from Archeoten. on Vimeo.

Lecture 4 - Enriching the female persona from Archeoten. on Vimeo.

Lecture 5 - The centrality of axe heads from Archeoten. on Vimeo.

Lecture 6 - The exemplary dead from Archeoten. on Vimeo.

Mike Parker Pearson

 Audio interview with Mike Parker Pearson : contemporary issues with British Archaeology.
M.P. Pearson on Stonehenge

Perdigoes Interview with Atonio Valera

(translate by clicking "CC" > "Captions ON" > "Translate Another Language"

Perdigoes Interview

Christian Strahm

Click [here] for three part interview of Christian Strahm by Harald Meller.  It will link out to the Saxony website.

Neil Wilkin speaks on the Beakers and Bodies Project below [page]

Population Geneticist Luigi Luca Cavalli-Sforza

Bokpot Yusef

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