Monday, July 8, 2019

Even Little Blaina...

Via Wales Online

There's a quick interview with Niall Sharples of Cardiff University on the Beaker People of Blaenau Gwent.

Wales has so many sleepy towns.  It's the epitome of the countryside, and yet its settlement by the Bell Beakers testifies to the speed and omnipresence of their pioneering.

Floorpan via Wales Online
The huts across the valley were first discovered by Ian Fewings of the Aberystruth History and Archaeology society.  Above you can make out the circular impression left by a Beaker hut.

Keith Gibbs Via Wales Online
These features are still rather new, or newly discovered.  I haven't seen any papers on these particular huts, but please share in the comments if there is something out there.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

High at Haille de Pout (La Depeche)

The French website "LaDepeche" has an article about a returning campaign to a high-altitude Cirque de Troumouse burial mound in Hautes-Pyrénées.  The site, Haille de Pout, contains Bell Beaker and Early Bronze Age materials.

The following snips are from the video interview with archaeologist Maxim Remicourt seen below (beard).

If you'd like to be part of this team, L'université Toulouse-Jean-Jaures is looking for experienced volunteers for a two-week excavation August 2019.  
Archaeologist Maxim Remicourt

Here's a pretty rugged clay spoon that came out of the site.  Is that a perforation on the end?
Creuset-cuillere? (Maison 2-US 144 n* 154, Saint-Sever & Remicourt, 2017
"Des occupations d’altitude du Bronze ancien à la Haille de Pout dans le cirque de Troumouse (Gèdre, Hautes-Pyrénées)" Saint-Sever and Remicourt 2017 [also]

See more at grottesarcheologies

Friday, June 7, 2019

Real? Legal?

I am not familiar with European laws on trading antiquities, but does anyone know if this item being sold is legit or legal?

Here's the entry:  Marktplaast

My personal advice is to never buy anything unless it can be authenticated and it is legal and ethical to do so.  Using this rule, most of the cultural heritage being plundered and lost on shady sites like eBay can be quickly excluded.  Most of it is bullshit made in Algerian slums by slummy people, but every now and then a priceless artifact shows up in a garage sale.

I'm highly skeptical of the authenticity of the "beaker" above.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Bohemian Burial Beheamoth

Not to be outdone, another big Czech cemetery at Slaného na Kladensku in Bohemia.  Via Ceska televize 24,, and

(Archaeollgicky ustav AV CR via Ceska televize 24)
So far there is about fifty Bell Beaker graves in this cemetery.  They are described as deep, timber-lined graves.  There is a wealth of artifacts including the typical beakers and archery equipment.  As reported in Tyden, the archaeologists note that the gold spiral earrings of the woman are the oldest examples yet found in any Beaker context. 

(Archaeollgicky ustav AV CR via Ceska televize 24)
Drahomira Malykova and Prague Archaeological Institute AV CR are doing the rescue excavations.  Remains from a previously excavated cemetery of Brandysek in Slany were recently included in a paper on the osteological dimensions of archery by Ryan et al, 2018.  Two individuals from Brandysek were analyzed in Allentoft, 2015, but they were later excluded from further analysis after being dated to a later period.

The site via

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Orignal Cornishware - Discovery Cornwall

Big discovery in Crantock, Cornwall.

There was a fully intact Beaker cazuela discovered in Southern Spain just two weeks ago, now this rare example of an unbroken bell beaker in Cornwall.  From CornwallLive


South West Archaeology has taken responsibility of the two pit graves containing three pots in a development site.   Both pits lined with slate and capped with quartz.  The beaker about is about a foot high


This broke over the weekend, hopefully we'll see a few more articles with more details in the coming days, especially concerning the remains if any were left.