Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cave of Ide Kaf Taht El Ghar, City of Tetouan

I would only take guide recommendations from local consulates, however this is a pretty snappy video featuring Kaf Taht El Ghar over looking the city of Tetouan.  You can skip to the cave at 4:00m.

The cave was frequented (very early) by people of the Cardial tradition in two phases, and then by Ackakar/Skhirat ceramics and finally the Bell Beakers (below).  Palynological and archaeobotanical analysis shows the earliest Cardial folk had wheat, cattle, pigs and goats.  (Ballouche & Marinval, 2003)

About an hour southwest of this is the  "Circle of Mzoura", which is nearly the same age and size of Stonehenge in Salisbury.  It was built with the same megalithic yard system and geometry. 

Caf Taht el Gar, cueva neolítica en la región
de Tetuán (Marruecos) (TIRRADBELL, 1957)

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