Tuesday, March 13, 2018

2 BA Iberians

Two Bronze Age Iberians look like Eastern France Beakers.  One is DF27. 

Epi-Cardial is genetically Cardial + the letters Epi. 

The Basques look close to LN/CHL

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  1. Do you have an explanation for the position of Basques in the PCA? They cluster with LN Basques and BA southern Spaniards - yet those LN groups should ante-date steppe ancestry, no?

    Also in the ADMIXTURE run Basques take more steppe than Spaniards, while the PCA seems to indicate the opposite (Spaniards are way closer to other Indo-European populations).

    1. I'll have to look at it again, didn't spend too much time on it yesterday. The big question is why does HG increase so much over a lengthy period of time.

    2. Yes - the biggest surge, btw, seems to happen in northern Spain during the transition to the late neolithic. The some of the LN samples from San Quilez already seem to be 'more northern' than present the Basques. Sadly, there's hardly any information about them in the paper. I wonder whether those changes are due to the influence of LN populations in adjacent France.

  2. I did some genetics work on Central European and Iberian bell Beakers. Genetically it really looks like each of those groups can be split in two subgroups.

    You have Iberian Bell Beakers that look just like, genetically, Iberian Chalcolithic people.

    Then the other Iberian Bell Beakers--that presumably have steppe heritage--but I am getting Caucus hunter gatherer and not alot of Yamnaya or corded ware mix. Maybe a different group mixed with them

    In Central Europe I have one group that looks like Corded ware from germany mixed with LBK neolithic population.

    The other Central European group is modelling as a mix of the Iberian Beakers with CHG and other Central Europeans--so we see an admixture between the two groups.

    Interetingly I cannot model the Iberia-steppe like population (CHG) as having corded ware from germany. So the mix may be mostly one way in this group---maybe

    1. I'm not saying that is wrong, but the high CHG you're showing in Iberians doesn't look right based on what I've read. Are you using global 25? I haven't tried it yet.