Wednesday, March 13, 2019

New Halberstadt Beakers Unveiling (26 March - Harz University)

If you're in the neighborhood of Halberstadt and interested in Glockenbechers, check out the link in this Hochschule Harz university newspaper.  Dr. Matthias Sopp has invited the public to attend the presentation.

Dr. Sopp via the university article

Since October, the German archaeologists have recovered 22 graves totalling 30 individuals.  Most of these are Bell Beaker graves, although several belong to the Unetice Culture that eclipses it.

Look at that head shape!  If anyone goes, post something about it in the comments.


  1. A new intersting book will be published next June: Bell Beaker Settlement of Europe: The Bell Beaker Phenomenon from a Domestic Perspective

    1. That's awesome, thanks for sharing. The authorship and topics look like this will be one of the best Beaker books yet.