Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Who lived at Oberbipp? Swiss DNA surprise?

There is some subtle broadcasting that we a genetic surprise is in store from a dolmen in Switzerland.

Out recently was this, "Who lived on the Swiss Plateau around 3300 BCE?  Analyses of commingled Human Skeletal Remains from the Dolmen of Oberbipp"

Here we have a Late Neolithic dolmen containing some 44 individuals in what appears to be a gender differentiated scheme.  Some appear to have been buried supine with flexing of the legs evident in a few people.  Sounds interesting.

Inga Siebke and Sandra Losch have already hinted they detect genetic steppe influence in the Swiss plateau earlier than that in Germany, but they haven't published those findings just yet.  They have lectured on the findings but I don't think anything is publicly available.

Also out, another paper on the radiocarbon dating.

*Just to clarify.  Siebke and Losch have an additional two or three dozen individuals from other sites in Switzerland.  So I'm only speculating that within the timeline in which individuals were buried in this dolmen there was a point when individuals with mixed ancestry appears.  We see this in other Megalithic sites such as Iberia and Britain.  The question is: how early, and how early at this site?


  1. Am I nuts for thinking that the top picture looks like a sea turtle?

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    1. I'm guessing it'll be interesting, but let's wait and see the paper.

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