Friday, November 6, 2020

Mihaela is married!

This video has nothing to do with nothing.  Well, at least for now.  Folk music is soul-food musically.

I think she's from Western Moldovia, Romania.  How can the people go wrong with a little folk love?  

A few of my favorite songs.

Bucovina is half in Romania and half in the Ukraine.  It has influences from Germany, Poland, Transylvania.


  1. If you are a Romance language speaker, can you understand any Romanian?

  2. No, but if you look at a text in Romanian with a translation, you can recognize words from other Romance languages (and especially Italian dialects) all mixed up...
    Example: "E timpul pentru culcare, dragutule" ("it's bedtime, pretty boy"). "E timpul" would be "Es tiempo" in Spanish, "culcare" would be "coricarsi" in Italian, and the Romanian word "dragutu" (boy) would be "rangutùu" in a Northern Lombard dialect... Fun!
    Spoken Romanian sounds (phonetically) like a Northern Italian dialect to me.

    1. Yeah thanks, the written word is more recognizable but hearing it I can recognize very little. I can hear the "dragutule" now that you mention it!


    Lyrics to the first song in English, Spanish and Romanian