Saturday, July 12, 2014

Autobahn Girl Discovered

A fifteen year old Bell Beaker girl was discovered this week.  She was beaten to death.

   Halle/Bernburg – Cörmigk bei Könnern From "The Bild" (Photographer Steffen Schellhorn)

I found this in the Polish "East News" service which has a slate of photographs, and then found a little more information from the German "BILD" news service.  Both articles are linked.

Junior Cabrar points to the impact (Photographer Steffen Schellhorn)

Excavator Junior Cabrar points to the injury on the skull of the girl found in Cörmigk bei Könnern in Halle-Bernburg.

Xandra Dalidowski says that the murder weapon appears to have been a hammer of sorts and speculates that it was not a crime of passion but death by stranger.  She appears to have been given a good burial.  Hopefully more details will follow in the coming weeks.

Gas line installation where Autobahn Girl was found (Photographer Steffen Schellhorn)

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