Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tiny, Tiny child arrowhead

WOW, really neat find in the Avebury bury dig!

This was posted one hour ago on the Avebury dig site FragmeNTs.
Arrowhead the size of a DIME!!! (FragmeNTs Blog)

This is most certainly a toy arrowhead of a very young boy, probably at one time associated with a child burial.  It is the size of a D-I-M-E.  Very tiny.

Miniature axeheads are found with boys throughout Scotland and other places.  I haven't seen any miniature arrowheads or bracers, although I'm sure there in papers out there somewhere.

Meanwhile over at the Perdigoes dig from two days ago (July 28)....

Miniature Pot unearthed July 28 (Perdigoes2011, 2014)

More mini pots at Perdigoes.  These miniatures are much smaller than the usual 'child pottery' or 'child beakers'.  These are almost toys.

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