Monday, September 29, 2014

Very exciting find in Poland

From PAP Polish Science

New discovery in Supraśl, Podlasie, Poland, where there appears to be indications of settlement or campsites.  Some or most of it appear to be a ritual deposit involving feasting, drinking and ceremony.

Dr. Manasterski

This site is in the far northeastern part of the country, and although there are more easterly indications, this one suggests the presence of a people with a Beaker identity.  This really moves the goal posts for the Beaker phenomenon much further north and east. 

"This year's finds, while exceptional due to the presence of the most easterly collection of objects associated with the Bell Beaker community, do not explain the migration routes and distances of its carriers" - concluded Dr. Manasterski.

Dr. Manasterski
 "The entire ritual deposit is an exceptional find in the central Europe. It contains one of the richest collections of objects usually found in the elite skeletal graves in Western Europe from this period" - said the researcher.


  1. Do you have any good maps showing the archaeological range of Bell Beaker before this find in relation to the location of this dig?

  2. I don't have anything that would be satisfactory for Eastern Europe. I've seen some more localized maps in Polish and Hungarian texts for those areas.

    I think in the Baltic region, NW Russia and the lower Danube are questions of separating Beaker traded goods or the presence of Beaker social identify. This find clearly shows a Beaker social identity existed at one time on the border of NE Poland and Belarus.

    I will try and see if I can find or compile a better map.