Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Egyptian Funerary Boat c. 2500 B.C.

Not a Beaker discovery by any means, but I'll be watching this closely...

From News.com "Well Preserved 'Solar Boat' Found Under Egyptian Tomb"

Excavation work on the incredibly fragile, but unusually well preserved, timber boat from 2550BC. Picture: Czech Institute of Egyptology / V. Dulikova
The 3rd dynasty boat is interesting because it is contemporary with the Bell Beaker phenomenon and because it is a plank style boat.  So the construction techniques will be interesting for several disciplines, but also to see if there are any discernible patterns to European plankers. 

Of course, the title brings up a common question about Norse or Egyptian burial boats, that is the purpose of the burial boat and if it is purposed to be a solar boat or something else.

I've made a case that Beaker religion had a cosmology that may have been widespread at that time, in a way comparable to the Egyptian religion, but excluding the necessity for a direct genetic link.  This involves travel of a boat in the afterlife, piloted by the sun god.


  1. A number of years ago, I recall coming across an article about some cave paintings of Egyptian style boats like this off the Caspian Sea. I've never seen anything corroborating it, but it makes you wonder.

  2. An engraving of a sailed ship with a setting sun on it (reddened with ochre), made using flint rather than metal tools and with Neolithic symbols such as pierced lozenge and owl's head are interpreted in my BSc Dissertation as a beaker boat with its solar religion cursed by Stone Age people when it appeared, seen from the shore of Cornwall. Hence a Beaker solar religion with boat imagery is welcome in this blog. Google 'dissertation Graham E Hill Clodgy Moor' Ask Royal Cornwall Museum to see TRURI:2014.21from their stores. Its in need of independent study after I found it on April 12th 2008.