Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Klokbeker Road Near River (RAAP, 2015)

This peat footpath is thought to have been built by Dutch Bell Beakers.  Read about it [here].

It's near a natural fording and looks to have come to the bank, if not a bridge.  The RAAP believes the road was only used for about 20 years or so.
Archaeologists excavating peat road (RAAP, 2015)
Various types of peat roads can be found in NW Europe.  Some have planks and sleepers [here], whereas this one has more packed foundation, probably because of its proximity to the water.  Maybe it supported planks at one time as well.

Detail (RAAP, 2015)

Below are the locally cut alder trees.  The article says they average around 10 cm circumference.
Alder Beams (RAAP, 2015)
I think it'd be reasonable to assume that a wooden bridge was near this site at one time because of the location on the river, unless the narrowness of the river also made it a good place for a fish trap.


  1. It there any evidence for boardwalks prior to BB?

    1. I'm not sure, probably. I know the use of peat, or at least these boggy areas increases with Beaker people. It appears the used this for mummification in Britain, probably other activities as well. But Neolithic folk, not quite sure.