Friday, July 8, 2016

Bokpot Yusef Interview (ثقافة بيل بيكر)

Here's an interview just posted with Bokpot Yusef on a Moroccan nightly news channel.  It starts about 1:20

Captioning isn't available for this stream yet.  Yusef is an archaeologist that has written extensively on the Bell Beaker phenomenon of Morocco.  Several of the Moroccan Beakers are on the burial pages.

This cave is d’Ifri n’Amr ou Moussa.  This becomes more clear as some of the artifacts are displayed.

I'll put it on the interviews page with the others.  Youtube has auto-captioning when the poster enables.  It's a mouse click. From there you can have auto-translation.

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ثقافة بيل بيكر

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