Thursday, July 7, 2016

Czech Man Buries Dog Finds Woman (

A man in Budkovice, Moravia Czech Republic walked into his backyard with a shovel to dig a grave for his pet dog and instead began to dig up the grave of a Beaker woman.  This from Blesk

You can the north arrow below that shows the orientation within the grave.  At her head is the funerary beaker at at her feet were two more containers, one is like a little handled jug and the other looks like a plain beaker.

Beaker woman (FOTO:
The buttons of her cloak are interesting because rather than a simple v-perforation, there appears to four perforations along with remnants of the button thread.

Another cause of intrigue was a group of bone links about her pectoral area, either a necklace of some sort or some kind of attachment to another decoration.  (I'm using a translator on several pages and it's garbled)


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