Monday, November 14, 2016

Iron Age Braggot Beer

Another beer recreation story.  This beer was buried with an Iron Age Celtic warrior and appears to have been similar to Medieval braggot.

The story from NPR

via NPR
Apparently the recreated braggot sucked, which makes sense given the honey content.  Mead tastes like cough syrup, so if you took equal parts of NyQuil, an amber ale, a couple squirts of almond air freshener and a couple of peppermints, then you might be close.

Of course, it's easy to screw a recipe up when you have the directions, probably a lot harder when you don't.  Mead still sucks.


  1. Mead done well tastes excellent. We make a fair amount of it in Colorado in the town of Palisade.

    1. Too rich for me, but I don't like most non-beer alcohols either. Colorado has some great microbreweries and brewpubs.