Thursday, November 2, 2017

Homestead in Hrbovice? (Ustecky Denik)

There is a spectacular Beaker site uncovered in the Ústí region of the Czech Republic in or near a town called Hrbovice, Ústecký kraj.  From Ustecky Denik

The Bohemian Bowmen are outfitted with the full warrior gear including bow-shaped pendants on the chests, quivers (one having 9 arrows), spears and at least one wrist guard.  The translation is somewhat garbled, but it appears a boat-shaped Beaker house is also discovered here with parallels to those in Hungary.

If I understand correctly, they have about thirteen graves from the Beaker Culture thus far.

It sounds as if the Beaker settlement sits on top of a very large Funnelbeaker settlement.  Archaeologist Luboš Rypka declares TRB settlement as "probably one of the largest settlements of this culture in northwestern Bohemia". 

Alexrk2 (commons)
Hrbovice is located on the Žďrnický potok (Žďrnický brook/stream), originating in the Ore Mountains that separate Saxony from Bohemia.  The area was a major source of metals in the Bronze Age.  From Žďrnický potok the water empties into the Bilina which empties into the Elbe at Ústí nad Labem, nearby.

Hrbovice (


  1. This is 2017. Wouldn't it be nice if they'd just put photos of all the artifacts up on the internet, instead of studying them for years before - maybe - showing them?

    1. I agree that archaeology is at its best when it is most easily accessible. They've either just finished excavating or its still ongoing. Hopefully we'll see more, including a paper on the preliminary findings.

  2. Hrbovice it is 4. "mikroregion" with the Beaker under Ore Mountains (Krušné hory). All this micro-regions have these similar features.
    1. They were followed by a continuous settlement over the Bronze Age to the early Middle Ages there.
    2. The micro-regions are always situated on the streams where cassiterite (tin ore) has occurred
    These micro-regions lie on creeks "Loučeňský, Lomský, Lužický a Ždírnický". Some "bell beakers" have come from the latest findings from anatolia. There, the tin knew at that time - Ancient Göltepe and Kestel Mine

    1. Thanks for commenting. Interesting to see tin sought after in different regions during this time.

  3. The geological deposit of tin near Hrbovice. Sumerian and late Bronze Age axes was found nearly of deposits.