Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hut hut hut (Százhalombatta, Museum)

Reconstructed Bell Beaker Boat Shaped House, Százhalombatta Archaeological Park, Hungary (Bozor Magdi)

In Százhalombatta, Hungary there is the "Matrica Muezeum Es Régészeti Park" [Link] which is a combination of artifact exhibits and open field tumuli and reconstructed homes.  If you are bored looking at glass cabinets, this might be more your type of thing.

Százhalombatta means, 'field of a hundred kurgans' which mixes Bronze and Iron Age. Százhalombatta
is about thirty minutes south of Budapest along Route 6.  There, you walk through the center of a real Kurgan, but there are also home reconstructions, a Roman fort, and this Bell Beaker home!

There is a paper by Emilia Paztor (2005) [Link] about the directional orientation of the Csepel Group Beaker homes, several foundations of which were discovered in the vicinity of the archaeology park.  They appear to have been oriented toward the sunrise at the winter solstice; they were also unique constructions for that area at that time.

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Régészeti kutatások az M0 autópálya nyomvonalán.  Budapesti Történeti Múzeum, 1992, 29 cm. 2. kötet

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