Thursday, July 14, 2022

Wilsford beaker replica (Graham Taylor)

 Replica of a beaker from the Wilsford Beaker Group by Graham Taylor


 You can buy one of these at

 ...and quite honestly, given the meaningless fucking crap that fills the box stores these days, to give one of these beautiful vessels as a birthday or Christmas present would mean a lot to just about anyone.


  1. sad to c a racist ad on your blog, hope u aren't ok with that....

  2. I scrolled briefly through the English ads and saw mostly advertisements for clothing and things. If you can describe it I might be able to find it and block it. Thanks,

  3. can you contribute to the wikipedia Bell Beaker page .... wikipedia is the first source of information for most people, but the content only exists because volunteers put it there, and a lot of it is severely lacking.

  4. It seems that Anthrogenica has ceased to exist for the time being, I trust you will provide us with interesting papers.

    1. Wow weird. Ok, I've got more lined up. I've got a year of stuff piled up so plenty to talk about

  5. Thought you were dead. Good to be wrong.