Friday, May 19, 2017

Maritime Style Observation

It appears Beakers associated with the more conservative Maritime derived styles tend to have less or zero of the East European steppe ancestry in and out of Iberia.  This is true of the Boscombe representative (1/7 pots), Paris Street (more on this later), Maritime Mama of Central Europe, Meseta Mama (ciempozuelos).  I suspect this is true in two or three other places with derived styles but can't look now (Netherlands may be an exception). In Iberia, the only two individuals with steppe ancestry thus far are in an area of relative proximity to where Peninsular Cord beakers are sometimes found.  Hopefully I can put up some more profiles this weekend, and BTW, the blogger app is total trash.  


  1. Did Maritime beakers much make it to Bohemia, south Germany, Hungary ?

    1. (I think they did- in A1 phase. But this is a small brief episode).

    2. I don't know off hand how exactly those are categorized as Maritime or epi-Maritime, mixed or whatever but yes I do believe a more conservative style is first in many regions.

      The high variation (or lack of) of steppe ancestry in the East group could be explained in a number of ways and I think a fine breakdown of the Neolithic ancestries of these East Beakers may help explain a lot.

      Hopefully the genomes will come out soon because there are several individuals that would be perfect to model.