Friday, August 1, 2014

4,500 Logboat with Mixed Features? (Ireland)

This logboat was found in the Spring.  I thought I'd add this from the backpage to preface the next post. Apparently the Galway, Annaghkeen boat has some EBA carpentry techniques.
Annaghkeen Logboat (hybrid?) (Current Archaeology)

It's a "Logboat", but it's said to be cleated, and honestly the picture provided looks a bit shallow, of course the sides may have eroded.  The nature of the cleats isn't described or whether they were integral to the original log or added later.  I haven't been able to find how the cleats were arranged or their number.

The description of the carpentry (their description) almost sounds like it could be a hybrid or a refit.  Of course, the entire reason for building a plank boat might have been the lack of very girthy trees, which Ireland and Northern Europe had in abundance in the EBA.  It's probably a mistake to think that one people made logboats, liked Grooved folk, where others made plankers, like Beaker folk.  In reality, the construction technique was probably more dependent on it functional purpose, timber availability and school of the boatwright.

This one dates to 2,500 B.C.


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