Sunday, August 10, 2014

Antrope 2014: Papers on the Portugese Early Bronze Age

I can't comment on these monographs at the moment, however perusing through the material there is some language that caught my attention.  This is a compilation of presentations given at a symposium back in May on the Portuguese Bronze Age.

Each of the authors covers aspects of cultural transition within certain sectors of Portugal.  In all, it is a big read, all in Portuguese.  You can download the PDF from the link below and upload with Google translate into your preferred language.

Slide 27 Hipogea "As Practicas do Construcao/Deposicao de estruturas em negativo durante a Idade do Bronze do Alentejo Interior" (Lidia Baptista)

Portugal is basically ground zero for understanding cultural changes and political transformations of the Atlantic system on either side of the third millennium.  There are also a number of presentations on the website and a number of good graphics of burials within different traditions.

"A Idade do Bronze em Portugal: os dados e os probelmas"  Antrope, 2014 [Link]

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