Tuesday, October 28, 2014

End of Days - 2,200 B.C. (Sachsen-Anhalt Conference)

Here's some presentations from a conference hosted by Harold Meller in Sachsen-Anhalt.  The entire conference is dedicated to the 4.2 kilo year event in which much of the world descends into chaos.

Reading through some of the papers, it's nice to see some of my intuitions about the demise of the Bell Beaker phenomenon being linked with global economic collapse.  The ultimate irony would be proof that the Bell Beaker phenomenon ended in Europe by the same impetus that gave its rise. 

On Genetics page 1 (being re-written), I mention the 4.2 kilo year as the likely major disruptive force in the thousands of miles of continental Beaker networks (such as the Amber road

Trade is the communication that gave multinational Beakers a cohesive identity.  With the world on fire and no safe way to get there, the Portuguese trading forts are abandoned and Western Europe drifts apart only to re-emerge later with new Bronze Age identities.

(All is in English)
Ein Klimasturz als Ursache für den Zerfall der Alten Welt ?  23. bis 26. Oktober 2014 Internationale Tagung in Halle (Saale)   [Link]

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