Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Greek Model" of Implantation (Lemercier & co.)

A big work on the history of Mediterranean France includes a short chapter from France's leading Beakerists on the implantation of a foreign Beaker culture within this area.

Mediterranean France - Beginning (Lemercier et al)

Here they outline what they describe as the "Greek Model" for the colonization of Western Europe by Bell Beaker "folk".  Although it is not a one-to-one comparison, many elements of Greek colonization could be compared to what is visible in the Bell Beaker record.

They note that the Greeks made initial contact that included amicable trade and establishment of trading forts along coastal areas.  This was followed by expansion, intermarriage, settlement and consolidation.  Finally, this was followed by the establishment of an aristocratic caste and full cultural saturation and conformism.

Mediterranean France - End (Lemercier et al)

I'm paraphrasing a bit, but it's all in French anyway.  (As always, you can use google translate)

Although it is called the "Greek Model" here, I believe this was previously proposed by Lermercier as the contact, settlement, diffusion and acculturation mode of evolution.   I'll add these to the maps page.

2 500 avant notre ère : l’implantation campaniforme en france méditerranéenne.
Actes des XXXIV rencontres internationales d'archeologie et d'histore d'antibes
Lemercier, Blaise, Cattin, Convertini, Desideri, Furestier, Gadbois-Langevin, LaBaune, 2014 [Link]

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