Friday, August 12, 2016

Beaker Box Cremations in Bourgogne, France (Christian, Docreaux, Fossurier, 2016)

This paper describes several box cremation burials.  During the burning of the funeral pyre, it appears the beaker cups were placed.

On top of the burial was built a small timber mausoleum and surrounded by a ring ditch.

F. Gauchet via Musaica archaeologica 1-1, 2016, 21-36

The configurations appear slightly different.  M8 appears to have some similarity to arrangements in Central Europe.
F. Gauchet via Musaica archaeologica 1-1, 2016, 21-36

Cutout of Fig. 1 Musaica archaeologica 1-1, 2016, 21-36

Musaica archaeologica 1-1, 2016, 21-36. Online. 30.06.2016.  [Link]

Abstract: The two cremation burials of Genlis, the Nicolot are outstanding representations of the Bell Beaker period for the East of France and Burgundy region. Very few cremation graves are attested in Western Europe and the Genlis burials can certainly attest to cultural links with Central Europe where this type of funerary practice is better documented. 

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