Monday, August 1, 2016

Facial Reconstruction of Late Beaker Ava (Hew Morrison via MtoE)

Here's an article from MessagetoEagle entitled "Facial Reconstruction of Ava: 3,700-Year-Old Bronze Age Woman"

The reconstruction of this Late Beaker woman was created by forensic artist, Hew Morrison.  He used tooth enamel to estimate some of the soft tissue.  I don't know if DNA has been taken from Ava, however it would be nice to verify hair and eye color in the near future.

Ava's reconstruction by Hew Morrison (Via MessagetoEagle)

Ava is noteworthy for having an especially deformed head.  Not only is she hyper-brachycephalic, but her occiput is flat as a pancake.  Two good examples of flatheads are the deformed standard-bearer of UCL's Beaker project and the Mesetan woman hyper-linked in the same post [here].

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