Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Szczepanowice Mass Grave, Eulau Redux (Archeowiesci.pl)

A Corded Ware family was discovered in the village of Szczepanowice, Southern Poland (Malopolska).  See the article and 3D video at Archeowiesci.

This grave is weirdly similar to another Corded Ware family in Eulau, Germany.  [here]  There is a man and woman in the traditional gender-opposed Corded Ware rite.  They also have two young children before them looking face to face.

Like Eulau, the family at Szczepanowice appears to have suffered a sudden, violent death.  The man had several broken bones including a broken nose.  Upon burial, the Szczepanowice family was richly equipped in a labor intensive grave setting that included rare and foreign objects.

Via Wyborcza News.

In part 3 of this German documentary, the Beakerfolk are implicated but ultimately exonerated after detailed inspection of the arrowheads.  It seems more likely that this grave format is in some way part of a Corded Ware ideal, either about the nuclear family or unity in the afterlife.

As the article in Archeowiesci eludes, there is some controversy to the interpretation of these violent multiple burials.  One regards it as a tragedy in a violent world.  Another sees something too standardized for chance, possibly a more ancient Indo-European practice of sati.

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