Thursday, June 2, 2016

Bodiless Graves at Brodek u Prostějova (Hanácký Stonehenge)

This from the Prostejovsky Denik magazine in the Czech Republic [here].

Last spring construction workers building the motorway near Brodek u Prostějova discovered what's being called the local Stonehenge.  Apparently there are quite a few celestially oriented, symbolic graves with a number of personal artifacts to include textiles!  Few to no human remains!  Phosphate analysis is being used to confirm this..;

More [here], [here], [here]
Svatyně v Brodku u Prostějova usiluje o cenu Národního památkového ústavu (NPU)
On first glace, these beakers look to be painted or glazed red, at least the one on the bottom.  I'm only guessing looking at the picture.  I can't tell what the mass on the top right of the picture above; It almost looks like a mat of cloth?

This project was nominated for a recognition in the local state for how it was excavated and preserved.  You can see below how the site is aligned.  Right above it is the motorway that cut through it.

Aerial of the Site (Link)

I have a theory regarding the bodiless graves which I will share later today in the next post, time permitting....

post script:
This site, "Hanácký Stonehenge" may yield some pretty substantial information.  The textiles are being studied now and may offer some really interesting insight to the style and uniform.

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