Thursday, June 30, 2016

Prehistoric Britain, Part 4 (Neil Oliver)

Part 4 of 4 of a documentary by Neil Oliver on Prehistoric Britain. Hat tip Mandy Chamerblain

This is the story of the arrival of metal workers in Britain.  Around 10.40ish or so is where the Beaker story begins. 

All of the videos are good viewing, about 50 minutes each, posted on the Beaker TV tab.


  1. Just curious... where is the host of this show from? I'm having a hard time undestanding him because of his accent (I'm not a native English speaker)

    1. Neil Oliver is Scottish. Some of the accents can be thick! I believe the video may have subtitles if that helps

    2. Thanks! I had never listened to a Scottish accent before. I love the "Prittn" for "Britain", it sounds kind of ancient

    3. Ha, it's one of the more difficult accents for people not used to it.