Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Two Crowdfunding Projects by DigVentures

Here's some interesting crowdfunding projects from DigVentures that'll be starting soon.  Dig Ventures combines archaeology with Crowdfunding and Archeao-tourism(?) to raise resources for projects.

The Costa dos Castros project will span a time period between the Early Bronze Age and include Iron Age fortresses in Galicia, Spain.  There are several aspects to the project, but the crux of it is understanding the connections between Atlantic Europe and the Mediterranean.

Here's the page for Costa de Castros [Link]

The site near Attleborough will begin in three weeks and appears to be an undisturbed, Early Bronze Age mound. 

Here's the webpage [Link]

Also, for those of you who live local, you have an opportunity to join the team as an archaeological beast of burden.  


  1. Er... I hate being that guy, but the name of the country is Galicia, not Galacia.

    1. ;-)
      I live some 50 km north from there, in a straight line by sea, or some 120 km by the highway. Nice place, and nice project:
      We have some 2500-3000 Iron Age hill-forts (or cliff-forts, or ring-forts... we call them castros, rodas, cidades...) in Galicia, and probably less than a hundred of them have been excavated, and only two or three dozens to some extent. Sadly, the eucaliptus forestal industries are behaving as Attila in Galicia, and a number of hill-forts have been severely damaged in the last years, together with hundred of Neolithic and Bronze age structures.